Production Methods

Architectural Signs has made a concerted effort over the last 35 years to keep as much as the production and decoration in-house. This allows us to improve lead-times, keep costs down and allows us to have total control over the final product quality.


Laser See All

Architectural Signs has 4 x CO2 lasers as well as 1 x YAG laser. The CO2 laser works beautifully on many materials including metals, plastics, wood, leather, glass and crystal. The YAG laser is specifically for marking metals, in particular promotional products such as pens and keyrings, as well as the marking of industrial labels and tools


Sandblast See All

This is probably the oldest technology we use in the factory however it is the most cost effective and versatile piece of equipment we own. Our expert operators work with a huge range of products and materials, everything from delicate crystal decanters to industrial stainless steel. We can leave as a natural etch, which is a very subtle finish, or we can paint fill. Multi-layer etching allows a 3D effect


UV See All

We have now installed the latest state-of-the-art UV flatbed printer which can print on pretty much any flat surface in photographic quality


Computer Cut Vinyl See All

We have 2 pieces of equipment that can cut out letters for Statutory and Identification Signage


Coatings + Paint

With our in-house spray booth we can do a top job of painting signage and awards as well as clear coating where required. We generally use a 2-pac automotive paint however will recommend a paint as required. We also have a paint matching service for any paint manufacturer as being able to match PMS colours (additional cost)