Why Architectural Sign Industries?


The best testimony to our Quality is the company we keep - and keep on keeping! Leading companies continue to rely on Architectural Sign Industries for all their Engraving, Badges, Awards and Signage services.


We’ve been focused on the same core services since 1979. We are also planning on being around for quite a few years to come.


The vast majority of our work is done in-house, which is both time and cost effective. You are not paying margin-upon-margin when you work with Architectural Sign Industries.


Sometimes you know exactly what you want - and sometimes you do not. Our range of services means that we can genuinely consult to create the best solution for You - rather than try and push a specific solution because that is all we can offer.


We are committed to leading the industry. This means ensuring that if the latest technology can provide an advantage - use it. Or, be innovative in our product design. Check out the unique-to-Australia Reusable Personalised Badges as an example.


All client work and communications are treated with absolute confidentiality - our blue-chip client base is testimony to our discretion.

Meet the Team


Sponsorship & Charities

Millar McCowan, Owner, supports many charities as Vice–President of the “Sydney Executive Business Association (SEBA)”