Commercial Engraving See All


Laser Engraving See All

Laser engraving is used to add text, logos or photos to a large variety of materials including metals, plastics, wood, leather, glass and cardboard.

We don’t use laser for crystal as the lead content heats up when in contact with laser and the crystal will crack; we will generally use sandblast or UV print on crystal.

We have 4 x CO2 lasers (used for most materials) and 1 x YAG laser which is used mainly to mark metal tags and labels as well as promotional products (pens, keyrings, compendiums etc.) and industrial tools such as Snap-On.

We can also chemically blacken metals using a variety of methods.


Rotary Engraving See All

Rotary Engraving is the process of using a spinning cutter in a motor powered spindle to cut or "rout" into material, either completely through the substrate to create cut out shapes or holes, or at a pre-determined depth to create engraved grooves that form characters or graphics. These can then be left natural or more often paint filled


Sandblasting See All

Our state of the art sandblasting system allows us to etch basically any material including glass, crystal, stainless steel and many others. It is a very cost effective way of etching and our experienced operators are here to help.




Stainless Steel See All

We keep stock of the most commonly used 304 1.5mm and 3mm #4 linish and have quick access to 316 Marine Grade Sandblast.


Aluminium See All

We keep stock of the most commonly used Satin Natural Anodised 1.5mm and 3mm and quick access to any other thickness. We can also supply in other anodised colours as well as painted.


Brass See All

We keep stock of the most commonly used 1.5mm and 3mm #4 linish and have quick access to other thickness. All the engraving, painting, linish and lacquering is done in-house.



Subject to sighting we will laser engrave your supply leather.



(Acrylic/”traffolyte”/engraving laminates). We generally use best method for these materials be it rotary engraving or laser. We supply a huge range of colours and thickness depending on your requirements.



We have our own wood supplier or, subject to sighting, we can use yours. Using either laser or rotary engraving we will recommend best method and finish.