Name Badges

Architectural Signs started out as a business that only produced name badges and has grown into the company it is today.

We are arguably Australia's largest manufacturer of name badges for clients including McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, Gloria Jeans and many other recognisable companies. 

We produce name badges in any size, colour or shape in any quantity and can include names, logos and pictures

As well as our standard engraved or UV printed name badges we were the developer of the ReUsa badge. This badge is designed for personalising on-site and the idea is when the employee leaves they hand the badge back and it can be re-used. The name is printed using a Brother P-Touch label maker available from us (or any reputable stationary dealer). Use it again and again. 

We also have a range of fixings for all our badges. All badges include a locking safety pin however for additional cost the badge could include a magnet, a combination clip, a swivel combination clip or a tie-clip (all additional cost). Other options include epoxy doming for a classier look

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Toyota Badge
Tie Clip
Swivel Combination Clip
Combination Clip
Magnetic Set
Locking Safety Pin



Re-usable personalised name badges that save to money and time.

Imagine the practical benefits and advantages of being able to produce an individualised name badge as quickly as spelling out your name. You don't even have to worry about purchasing new badges when staff change or for your next event. Thanks to our unique construction this badge is completely re-usable saving you money and time. The saving are enormous - by using this badge twice your are saving half your costs.

Made right here in our Castle Hill factory the ReUsa badge is all of the above. It has been designed to personalise on your premises and only takes seconds to insert new employee names. You can design your own colours and layouts or our Art Department can do it for you. No more unsightly or scratched name badges - the graphics are printed beneath the surface for extra durability.

All you need is a Brother P-Touch label maker which we can supply or available from any reputable stationary supplier.

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ReUsa badge key
ReUsa name insertion


Engraved + Printed

Your staff will be proud to wear our precision made engraved or printed name badges. Attractive and durable they offer a timeless way to put a face to a name.

Our range is available in a wide choice of styles and finished, providing the flexibility and quality to match your specific needs and corporate identity.

Our engraved + printed badges are individually manufactured and can be designed in any shape or colour. They come standard with a locking safety pin however a range of fixings is available. They can also be epoxy domed for an extra bit of class.

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Toyota Badge

Toyota Badge

Printed Badge

TRainee Badge
Oporto Wood Badge
Wooden Name Badge
Epoxy Domed Name badge
Engraved Badge


Lapel Pins

Toyota Lapel Pins + Display
Lapel Various
McDonalds Lapel Pins